The following terms, conditions, and policies are binding on any individual or entity that has agreed to do business with fifibytiti Limited, or any of its subsidiaries.


The accepted forms of payment at fifibytiti Limited include:

  • Cash payments
  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal for online purchases on our E-commerce site


fifbytiti is a bespoke brand and therefore does not offer Returns, Refunds or Exchanges on any purchases.


Alterations fall into two categories; requested alterations and compulsory alterations.

Requested Alterations: These alterations are requested by the customer at an additional charge.

Compulsory Alterations: Compulsory alterations are alterations made to garments as a result of a fault/error from the company. These alterations are carried out free of charge are the cost is not to be passed on to the customer.

Compulsory alterations are guided by the following policy:

  • Customer must inform fifibytiti of the defect within a week of purchase.


Consultations at fifibytiti are held to ensure that the design team gets all necessary details from the client and guide the client towards choosing a befitting design and colour for the client. In the case where a new design is to be created for the client, the consultation helps the design to properly understand the wants and needs of the client. This will help the designer to translate these wants and needs into custom designs and outfits for the client.