Fifibytiti Fashion

We transform African or Western designed into contemporary garments.

Fifi by Titi is a home of grand contemporary and African women fashion famous for her unique approach and fine touch. Her work offers an eclectic mix of contemporary, yet African inspired designs. Her signature style is to fuse contemporariness with her own version of African fabric and prints to create unique pieces with a strong sense of personal style and statement.

She creates pieces that remind us to appreciate the beauty of neatly finished and embellished couture designs.

The label seeks to represent the soul and true essence of African fashion today and promises to be en Vogue to make you stand out graciously from the crowd. Each design is carefully crafted, using only luxury prints, whether African or Western and designed into contemporary garments.

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Fifibytiti Fashion

Explore the Fifibytiti collection for exquisite handcrafted designs and bold pieces for any occasion.

Fifibytiti is a multifaceted label that combines a collection of finely selected accessories with perfectly designed garments. So, while you are picking out your garment, you can easily find the best pair of accessories to match.


Celebration of the unapologetic, confident, stylish, feminine, phenomenal woman.


We are creating a network of bespoke garments that come fully modeled, styled, and photographed by us.

Fifibytiti Fashion

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Exquisite Handcrafted Designs

Fifibytiti creates a sartorial collection of feminine garments to fit, whether custom luxury or from the exquisite collection. African or Western fabric, Fifibytiti guarantees every woman quality, handcrafted and unique pieces that are embellished to perfection.

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